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this is a test


Random Post

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Welcome to a random blog post. I have lots of stuff I want to blog about and since its snowing out and I don’t have anything better to do so I thought I would get to it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thought this video was cool… it is a time lapse of one year in 40 seconds.

This is the first time I have ever made cookies… they turned out better than I thought they would.

Had no idea they made Jesus action figures….

A beautiful sunset taken from my deck.

This was also taken from my back yard.

Taking steady pictures can be tricky I found these tips to help out with this, tips to reducing camera shake <—click here

Twitter accounts have been getting phished lately. Read this article from Malware City.

That is all for this random post stay tuned for more random crap to be posted soon.

New Years Eve Shennagians

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New Years this year was fun. Here are the pictures from the night… enjoy!

Meet Claudia… she is Clayton’s cousin and she is from Germany. She was in town for a family wedding. Jen loved her because she brought her favorite kind of wine.

Brooke is going to love me for this!

Bill and his lady friend (aka Edith). Her name is Mary. Clayton made her fit right in to the group by farting on her… the best thing was is she called him out on the fact that he farted on her… classic!

Not really sure what is going on here…

Jen boozin it up


Clayton trying to play guitar and sing. Songs that were visited this night… the doobie song, nudie bar, and a brand new song that Clayton made up that night. That is all I will say about that.

J Biz… the freshest gangsta around.

I always bring fireworks on New Years. This year I brought 4 artillery shells but no tube. The tube is essential to being able to light these dudes off. So since we did not have one… we did what every American would do in a dire situation and crafted one. **I don’t recommend doing this, it is not the safest thing to do, but it worked rather well… kinda**


Getting ready to light the first shell… and getting ready to run like hell to safety.

The aftermath… we were able to light off 3 out of the tube. It only went about 15 feet in the air. The last shell I just blew up on the ground.I think we successfully lighted 15 bottle rockets at once… a feat accomplished by only the best.

Meet Josh Emerson. This is not from New Years, this was my partner in blowing up stuff. He also supplied the pictures for this blog post.

Night Drive

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It is Sunday, and I did not do anything today. I woke up at 1 pm and watched movies all day long. It’s nice to stay in all day and do nothing but I needed to get out. It was about 8 pm and I decided to head out and take some pictures.

I have been wanting to take pictures of these for a long time. I finally got out to do so. It is at a local greenhouse about 2 minutes from my house.

These are some of my favorite pictures to take.

All that photo taking has left me hungry. I ended up here at Skyline. For those of you who don’t know what Skyline is they make the best chili ever. Skyline originated in Cincinnati and is famous for its cheese coney and 3 ways.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I made this stop motion video using iphoto


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I have been looking some through some of my old poetry that I have written. I will be posting more over the next month or so.


I want to live my life as I did before
I still wait for you to walk through the door
And hear your footsteps on the floor above
Take me away, take me far away

Take me to a place that is familiar
My life fades from grey to black in this technicolor dream
Its hard to see the light when its so dark
Bring my life back, bring it back

I walk away but only to look back
To see if you’re there but you are a shadow in my mind
It hurts inside to know you’re away, away from me
A memory Is all I have of what you used to be

I look over the horizon and know that times are different
With each new day, I will have to face things I am not ready to face

It is true what I dream to be a reality, a fleeting moment that flashes in my mind
I look at pictures and I wish it were you
Is there a way to bring it all back, only to have it happen again
This is my selfish desire breaking its way through

But it is you who has gained, me that has lost
Lost in a world without you, a cold desolate place this world can be
I know where to find refuge but it takes time to heal a wound

A wound so deep that only you can touch

Shades of Beauty:

You have shades of beauty I have never seen
I look into your eyes and see something beautiful
it is like a sunset silhouetted against the evening sky
that can not even compare to the beauty that you hold
these  shades of beauty can only be seen in you

These shades of beauty that you have is among your heart as well
your skin is like the petals of a rose
your shades of beauty I will never forget
I will always hold them with me at a special place


This sacrifice is never good enough
Where do I run and hide to feed the rush
I can see you even when I shut my eyes
Lives flash by unable to bring me down

My life shattered from the pain
You broke me open to share it all

I shy away from the truth I have known
Lies thrown around to make me look bad
Hearts shattered from a life not ready to live
Eyes broken like glass from thoughts perceived

Why can’t I hear when people speak
I feel like I can’t move with all this room
Why do I feel closed up
With no place to feel

My life is open for all to see
There are times when I should
Wear my heart on my sleeve
I’m scared to be known by all of you

Tell my why I should prove anything to you
What have you done to earn a place in my life
Did I ask you do care so much
Bout the life I lead

Newport on the Levee

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On Saturday me and my friend, Sarah went out to go to the Festival of Lights. Since it was 70 degrees that day everyone else had the same idea. We scratched that idea and headed out to find what else what we were going to do.

This was the first stop after the Festival of Lights. We were going to eat here but they were only take out and delivery so we scratched that idea.

We ended up here at Newport.

We decided to eat at Dewey’s which I love. While we were waiting we watched these performers. I wonder if those dreads are real? I think its one of those hats with the dreads attached.

This is my first picture of the city at night. It is a little blurry. I think I will use a tripod next time to try and steady the shot.

This is a little better.

This is one of my favorite shots from the night.

Sarah looking at the city.

Sarah and her friend Andrew.

Meet Mike and his granddaughter. We met Mike when we were crossing the bridge over into Cincinnati. Mike is from Jerusalem and had lots of interesting stories. We talked to him for a good half hour. He did not have his camera with him so I offered to take a picture. Mike and his family were visiting his brother in Cincinnati for the Holidays.

We ended up seeing Yes Man with Jim Carrey. It was one of the funniest movies I have seen in awhile. So go see it you won’t be disappointed.

Christmas Slideshow 2008

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